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Management of the Fund

Civic Financial Services Ltd (Civic) holds the shares of the trustee company for Riskpool on behalf of the Fund's members and is responsible for appointing its Directors. Civic is owned by local authorities.

Civic is Riskpool's Fund Manager and Scheme Manager, which provides the risk management, administrative and actuarial services for Riskpool. The Claims Manager Jardine Lloyd Thompson provides the claims management service and the Scheme Solicitor Heaney & Partners the defence of litigated claims against local authorities.

Directors of Riskpool

The Board appoint persons (not exceeding a maximum of six at any one time) as directors for a term not exceeding three years and one month.

  • Marty Grenfell (Chair)

  • Nicola Mills

  • Tony Gray

  • Craig Stevenson

  • Ken Morris

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